T1213 Data from Information Repositories Mappings

Adversaries may leverage information repositories to mine valuable information. Information repositories are tools that allow for storage of information, typically to facilitate collaboration or information sharing between users, and can store a wide variety of data that may aid adversaries in further objectives, or direct access to the target information. Adversaries may also abuse external sharing features to share sensitive documents with recipients outside of the organization.

The following is a brief list of example information that may hold potential value to an adversary and may also be found on an information repository:

  • Policies, procedures, and standards
  • Physical / logical network diagrams
  • System architecture diagrams
  • Technical system documentation
  • Testing / development credentials
  • Work / project schedules
  • Source code snippets
  • Links to network shares and other internal resources

Information stored in a repository may vary based on the specific instance or environment. Specific common information repositories include web-based platforms such as Sharepoint and Confluence, specific services such as Code Repositories, IaaS databases, enterprise databases, and other storage infrastructure such as SQL Server.



Capability ID Capability Description Mapping Type ATT&CK ID ATT&CK Name
cloud_identity Cloud Identity technique_scores T1213 Data from Information Repositories

ATT&CK Subtechniques

Technique ID Technique Name Number of Mappings
T1213.003 Code Repositories 2