CVE CVE-2020-15233 Mappings

ORY Fosite is a security first OAuth2 & OpenID Connect framework for Go. In Fosite from version 0.30.2 and before version 0.34.1, there is an issue in which an an attacker can override the registered redirect URL by performing an OAuth flow and requesting a redirect URL that is to the loopback adapter. Attackers can provide both custom URL query parameters to their loopback redirect URL, as well as actually overriding the host of the registered redirect URL. These attacks are only applicable in scenarios where the attacker has access over the loopback interface. This vulnerability has been patched in ORY Fosite v0.34.1.


Capability ID Capability Description Mapping Type ATT&CK ID ATT&CK Name
CVE-2020-15233 fosite secondary_impact T1036 Masquerading
CVE-2020-15233 fosite exploitation_technique T1566.002 Spearphishing Link