CVE CVE-2015-0984 Mappings

Directory traversal vulnerability in the FTP server on Honeywell Excel Web XL1000C50 52 I/O, XL1000C100 104 I/O, XL1000C500 300 I/O, XL1000C1000 600 I/O, XL1000C50U 52 I/O UUKL, XL1000C100U 104 I/O UUKL, XL1000C500U 300 I/O UUKL, and XL1000C1000U 600 I/O UUKL controllers before 2.04.01 allows remote attackers to read files under the web root, and consequently obtain administrative login access, via a crafted pathname.


Capability ID Capability Description Mapping Type ATT&CK ID ATT&CK Name
CVE-2015-0984 n/a uncategorized T1005 Data from Local System
CVE-2015-0984 n/a uncategorized T1190 Exploit Public-Facing Application
CVE-2015-0984 n/a uncategorized T1552 Unsecured Credentials