T1531 Account Access Removal Mappings

Adversaries may interrupt availability of system and network resources by inhibiting access to accounts utilized by legitimate users. Accounts may be deleted, locked, or manipulated (ex: changed credentials) to remove access to accounts. Adversaries may also subsequently log off and/or perform a System Shutdown/Reboot to set malicious changes into place.(Citation: CarbonBlack LockerGoga 2019)(Citation: Unit42 LockerGoga 2019)

In Windows, Net utility, <code>Set-LocalUser</code> and <code>Set-ADAccountPassword</code> PowerShell cmdlets may be used by adversaries to modify user accounts. In Linux, the <code>passwd</code> utility may be used to change passwords. Accounts could also be disabled by Group Policy.

Adversaries who use ransomware or similar attacks may first perform this and other Impact behaviors, such as Data Destruction and Defacement, in order to impede incident response/recovery before completing the Data Encrypted for Impact objective.



Capability ID Capability Description Mapping Type ATT&CK ID ATT&CK Name
ME-PWA-E3 Passwordless Authentication Technique Scores T1531 Account Access Removal
ME-CAE-E3 Conditional Access Evaluation Technique Scores T1531 Account Access Removal
DEF-IR-E5 Incident Response Technique Scores T1531 Account Access Removal