T1552.007 Container API Mappings

Adversaries may gather credentials via APIs within a containers environment. APIs in these environments, such as the Docker API and Kubernetes APIs, allow a user to remotely manage their container resources and cluster components.(Citation: Docker API)(Citation: Kubernetes API)

An adversary may access the Docker API to collect logs that contain credentials to cloud, container, and various other resources in the environment.(Citation: Unit 42 Unsecured Docker Daemons) An adversary with sufficient permissions, such as via a pod's service account, may also use the Kubernetes API to retrieve credentials from the Kubernetes API server. These credentials may include those needed for Docker API authentication or secrets from Kubernetes cluster components.



Capability ID Capability Description Mapping Type ATT&CK ID ATT&CK Name
resourcemanager ResourceManager technique_scores T1552.007 Container API
anthosconfigmanagement AnthosConfigManagement technique_scores T1552.007 Container API
virtual_private_cloud Virtual Private Cloud technique_scores T1552.007 Container API